Henckels Graphite 14-piece Self-Sharpening Block Set

Henckels Graphite 14-piece Self-Sharpening Block Set $139.95

Save big on top-quality kitchen essentials with the Henckels Graphite 14-piece Self-Sharpening Block Set now available at a significantly reduced price at Walmart. This premium knife set, previously priced at $657.00, is currently on sale for only $139.95, offering a substantial savings of over 75%.

This self-sharpening block features innovative ceramic honing wheels within designated slots, automatically sharpening your knives with each use. Additional slots are designed for serrated knives, ensuring long-lasting sharpness without the need for manual sharpening.

The comprehensive 14-piece set includes all the essential knives for any culinary task. From the 3-inch paring knife for intricate jobs to the versatile 8-inch chef’s knife for slicing and dicing, this set caters to every kitchen need. Additionally, it includes six ultra-sharp steak knives and convenient kitchen shears.

The Henckels Graphite knives are crafted with a sleek and elegant design. The fully forged bolster ensures seamless transition between blade and handle, providing exceptional durability, balance, and superior design. High-quality German stainless steel guarantees long-lasting sharpness and precision cuts, while the satin-finished blades offer a professional look and feel.

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