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Grow Your Own Food To Save Money and Be Healthy Plus Free Seeds

Fruits and Vegatables

The idea of growing your own food may seem impoverished or archaic, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hip and conscientious citizens have begun growing their own foods, primarily vegetables, like never before.

Why are people growing their own food? The reasons are simple. First, in case you haven’t noticed, the price of fresh vegetables now rivals fresh meats and cheeses as being the priciest part of your families meals. With the increasing pressure regarding undocumented labor in the USA, these prices are only likely to continue to increase. Another force driving folks to small scale farming is the preservatives and other chemicals used in the mass production of food. These additives may be linked to negative health effects and it’s clear that avoiding them is your best bet.


Smoking Cigarettes is an Expensive Habit

Smoking Cigarettes is an Expensive Habit

We are all well aware (or at least should be) of the significant health risks associated with smoking cigarettes, however most smokers don’t consider the amount of money they are losing on the habit.

The cost of a pack of cigarettes has increased greatly in the last 5 years due to litigation and taxing of tobacco companies. While some people may remember a pack of cigarettes costing barely two dollars, the new reality is seven to ten dollars per pack. Let’s take a look at what it would cost to smoke a pack a day for one year at $8 per pack:

x 365


‘Vampire Power’ : What It Is and How To Stop It

'Vampire Power' : What It Is and How To Stop It

Although the concept has begun permeating mainstream culture, there are still millions of Americans that are unaware of the cost of leaving consumer electronics plugged in when not in use. This invisible drain on your power bill is referred to by experts as ‘Vampire Power’, because the devices consume energy and drain your wallet under the cover of being ‘off’ at night.

Which consumer appliances use power when they’re off? Nearly all of them, everything from your personal computer, modem, speaker system, and phone charger to your TV, Blu Ray player, VCR, and cable box.  The most discouraging thing is, you have no way to know which appliances and electronics are still using power when they are on without buying a special 3rd party device to tally the waste.