Bat Night at the Beacon Food Forest with Woodland Park Zoo

Bat Night at the Beacon Food Forest with Woodland Park Zoo

Step into the intriguing world of bats at the upcoming event hosted by Beacon Food Forest. This engaging gathering offers participants the chance to explore the lives of bats, dispel misconceptions, and contribute to valuable community science initiatives.

Led by experts from the Bat Activity Trends (BAT) program at Woodland Park Zoo, the event kicks off with an informative presentation about bats and their ecological roles. Attendees will gain insights into the behaviors and significance of these remarkable creatures. The BAT program aims to raise awareness, educate the community, and create a comprehensive bat activity map for King County.

After the enlightening presentation, attendees will participate in a hands-on activity focused on community science. This involves observing bats and learning how to collect and submit data for the BAT program. By actively engaging in this activity, participants play a vital role in creating a comprehensive bat activity map that aids conservation efforts and enhances public awareness.

Woodland Park Zoo, the driving force behind the BAT program, is dedicated to wildlife preservation and inspiring individuals to embrace conservation as a core value. By joining this event, you not only expand your knowledge of bats but also contribute directly to scientific initiatives aimed at safeguarding these essential contributors to our ecosystem.

Date and time: Saturday, August 12 · 8 – 9:30pm PDT

Location: Beacon Food Forest South Dakota Street Seattle, WA 98108 United States