FREE Urban Composting Workshops in San Francisco

FREE Urban Composting Workshops 2023

Learn the Art of Composting

The Urban Composting Workshop, hosted by Garden for the Environment (GFE), offers participants an opportunity to delve into the world of composting. Compost serves as the backbone of every thriving garden, enhancing soil quality and playing a crucial role in the success of various plants. During this informative session, attendees will learn how to create compost in their own backyards, gaining insights into the wonders of worm-powered fertilizer. Additionally, practical tips on utilizing the city’s compost bin system will be provided to help curb organic waste destined for landfills.

Free Workshop with Optional Donations

GFE graciously extends the Urban Composting Workshop to the public free of charge. Participants are welcome to contribute donations to support GFE’s ongoing efforts in educating the community about eco-friendly gardening practices and more.

Date and Time: Saturday, August 5 · 10 am – 12 pm PDT

Location: Garden for the Environment, 1590 7th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States

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